Fission’s commitment to meaningful engagement:


  • Our Goal: To meet regularly with rights-holders and stakeholders to keep them informed on the Project including any licensing/permitting plans, timelines, and decisions and how those may potentially impact people and groups in the region.
  • Our Promise: To engage openly, honestly, and respectfully with all rights-holders and stakeholders, and give careful thought to cultural traditions and practices.
  • Our Commitment: To listen to all issues, concerns, and feedback shared, and incorporate what we heard into the Project planning phases and design of the project where possible.

Fission believes that for engagement to be meaningful, inclusive, and accessible, engagement plans should be developed in collaboration with leadership from rights-holder and key stakeholder groups. Fission is in the process of reaching out to, and working with community leaders to identify and design opportunities for engagement. 

FISSION and CRDN Engagement & Capacity Agreement

Engagement Opportunities to Inform Environmental Impact Assessment

An Environmental Assessment is a process used by the Government of Saskatchewan to understand and evaluate the potential environmental impacts of a project before any irreversible decisions are made that may lead to negative effects on the environment, natural resources or public health and safety. The Environmental Assessment Act requires proponents of a development to conduct an Environmental Impact Assessment and to submit the methodology and results of this assessment in a document called an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS). 

The EIS document is submitted to the Minister of Environment for review and approval for the development to proceed to construction subject to securing all other required permits, approvals and licences. 

Input from rights-holders and stakeholders is an important component of the EIA process and proponents must demonstrate how the information and feedback received was used to inform development of the EIS. 

Fission has identified the following opportunities for rights-holder and stakeholder input to inform the EIA process. These opportunities are described in terms of engagement objectives, intended outcomes, and how your input will be used to inform the EIA process. Selection and planning of engagement activities will be conducted in consultation with community leaders and key stakeholder groups.  

Engagement Status and Timeline

Early 2022 2022-2023 Late 2023 Late 2023
Engagement Objective

Refine Valued Components

(a valued component is any environmental attribute with legal, scientific, cultural, economic, or aesthetic value)

Identify Potential Effects

(effects may include potential positive and negative changes to the existing biological, physical, and socio-economic environment)

Confirm Mitigation Measures
(Mitigation measures are actions taken to avoid or minimize negative effects)
Share Results
Intended Outcome

Your input will help to identify what aspects of the environment are considered important, interconnected, or sensitive to disturbances so these valued components can be assessed in detail, engaged on further where applicable, and highlighted in future reporting back to stakeholders and rights-holders on associated effects and mitigations.

Your input will help to identify concerns, aspirations, and potential impacts (both negative and positive) on valued components that may result from Project activities.

Your input will help to assess levels of acceptance of the proposed mitigation measures. And determine the level of concern regarding effects that cannot be mitigated.  
How Your Input Will Be Used Input from rights-holder leadership will be used to refine the list of environmental components that are valued by communities. Input from rights-holders and stakeholders will be used to identify and explore potential project impacts using Indigenous knowledge and western science. Input from rights-holder leadership and key stakeholders on the effectiveness of proposed mitigation measures will be used to help refine those measures. A summary of the effects identified and mitigation measures selected will be shared with rights-holders and stakeholders.


Stay Informed

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Do you have questions about upcoming engagement opportunities? Please email us at community@fissionuranium.com