Community Support

About the Program

Fission is committed to responsible development and firmly believes in building partnerships with our local communities. As part of our commitment, we provide funding support for a variety of local organizations.

Every year, Fission receives requests from worthy organizations seeking funding. Fission carefully considers every request received. Although we acknowledge that all requests are deserving of attention, priority for funding is given to organizations that focus on:

  • youth initiatives,
  • education and literacy,
  • health and wellness,
  • community development, and
  • cultural programming.

If your organization wishes to apply for funding from Fission, please take careful note of the following guideline before completing and submitting an application:

  1. You must be a registered non-profit or charity.
  2. Your program must benefit communities located in the Patterson Lake area.
  3. Fission will not consider funding requests from, or for the purposes of:
    • Religious or fraternal organizations,
    • Political events or organizations,
    • Organizations that discriminate based on race, religious belief, gender or sexual orientation,
    • Personal appeals on or behalf of a single person or family,
    • Loans, lotteries, or cash prizes,
    • Assisting with operating expenses, and
    • Lobbying groups.

Applying for Funding

To apply for funding please fill out the online application. If you would like further information before completing the form, please email or phone +1 250-868-8140 for assistance.

Fission will confirm receipt of your application by email. We will review the application within 30 days of receiving the application and will respond to applicants with a decision by the end of the 30-day timeframe. 

Applicants should submit their applications at least 30 days in advance of when funds are required. If a rush on funding is needed, please phone us on +1 250-868-8140 to ensure your funding request is considered sooner.

If you are a successful applicant, you will be asked to provide Fission with a short description and photos after using the funds in order to showcase how the funds were used. Fission will work with your organization to determine what is needed for this requirement.