Fission Providing Community Assistance During Wildfires

In response to the Saskatchewan wildfires, Fission has reached out to our local communities and offered assistance. A number of community members have been forced to evacuate because of the fires, and sections of highway 155 have been closed.

To date, we have leveraged our logistical and supply chain networks to fly food and other requested supplies to the Clearwater River Dene Nation, working with local outreach workers and local community vendors who have distributed the supplies. We have also provided financial support for the 679 Buffalo River Dene Nation people who were evacuated from their community on May 18th.

We are in regular contact with the other indigenous groups in our catchment area and will continue to provide support where we can make a difference.

Our thoughts and hearts go out to all the northern communities during this difficult time.

Ross McElroy, President and CEO of Fission Uranium